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Average as a number or place is in the middle; not the best, not the worst. Be successful and not just average. The title of this website is “you’re just a number”. I sat down this morning and tried to put some meaning to that statement and even understand what it means. How can I […]

Think as a Free Agent

Do you believe you aren’t getting paid enough for what you do? Do you feel that you have been overlooked regarding a promotion? If you believe this is true then it’s time you shop you talents. It’s time to look around. You need to think as a free agent. No one but yourself is stopping […]

Believe in the Power of the Network

Take a close look at highly successful  people and you will notice that they have a very good network of people. Sure knowledge and experience are very important. However, the power of the network has the ability to move you along quicker. At times, knowledge and experience is secondary to the power of the network. […]

Caution: Possible Effects of an Internal Promotion

Isn’t it kind of hard to believe that getting a promotion where you work can be detrimental to your overall income? How is that even possible? I’m sure you’re thinking that if I get a promotion that includes a raise, how is that detrimental to my income? Well, I’m not saying it happens a lot […]

How You Are Viewed by Management and the Union

I’m sure you believe that an employee who is constantly causing trouble most likely will be terminated. But is that always the case? I believe it depends on how you are viewed. What value do you bring to the bigger picture? Companies do not tolerate a lot of issues with the average person. However, the […]


The foundation of any relationship, whether it is personal or business is TRUST. Regardless if you are valued by either a business or individual, nothing will decrease your value quicker than not being trustworthy. If you can’t trust someone, how can you have any confidence in what they say? As a leader, I want to […]

You are just a number.

Our Identification Numbers Unfortunately, we are viewed as just being a number in today’s world. But are we?? Just think, when you were born, you were given a social security number, which is your identity. Then you go to school and are given a student ID number. If you played sports, you were given a […]