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Life Is What You Make It

Catch Phrases Solid words, solid foundation, solid catch phrase in one simple sentence. It conveys so much with so few words. It is like many catch phrases or popular sayings placed in quotes that have circulated through people’s lives for many years. Of course, new ones are added all the time. As a result, popular […]

Managing A Manager

Understanding Your Boss Managing a manager above you is a unique project in anyone’s job. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Who does that? Hardly anyone. Mainly because they do not understand the dynamics of their position, or even how this is accomplished. If a person wants to succeed in their position, and move up […]

Work is a Creative Expression

Find Your Value Work is a creative expression of ourselves. Not long ago while interviewing for a part-time position, the person interviewing me stated; “I’m looking for a person who places a positive value on the work they do.  Someone who is reliable, responsible, and respectful. Oh, and values the job so much they come […]

What’s My Value Anyway

Have you ever wondered what’s my value in the world? What do I know that makes my value important to others? What do I know that makes me different than others? Some people look too deep to answer that question. They are trying to find something they have that is above average. Hopefully, this blog […]

Think as a Free Agent

Do you believe you aren’t getting paid enough for what you do? Do you feel that you have been overlooked regarding a promotion? If you believe this is true then it’s time you shop you talents. It’s time to look around. You need to think as a free agent. No one but yourself is stopping […]