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The Power of Hope

The power of hope cannot be underestimated. Power is defined as “the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something”. We certainly know and understand the power of a jet engine to get a plane in the air. In addition, would anyone ever deny the power of love? I don’t believe so. […]

Fact vs. Opinion

Fact vs. Opinion. In today’s world of healthcare there are so many statements that are made by health professionals. Is that statement a “fact” or an “opinion”? You may not know the difference at the moment, therefore we tend to accept everything the professional says as a fact. One of the reasons for that is […]

What is your Value?

When Does Value Disappear? I want to share with you a story on value because people go through all of the challenges of any illness such as cancer, chronic disease, depression, and many others. We may get made to believe or we make ourselves feel that we don’t have any value anymore. We may not […]