Stepping Stones of Leadership



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Leadership is like parenting as there isn’t an actual manual on it. Becoming an effective leader is a process. You learn and get better as you gain more experience. Experience is an excellent teacher. There are many books and seminars on this topic because it is such a fluid topic. Most book, seminar, webcast, etc. out there is by a well-known person that was an effective leader. Their teachings are based on their experiences. Plus, many of these are directed to large organizations. Well, the “Stepping Stones of Leadership” was written by an average person.

This book is based on the author’s experiences and what he believed to be the foundation of leadership throughout his 25+ years of becoming an effective leader. Looking back, believing he transitioned from being more of a boss to a leader. This book is for both the experienced leader and a person just entering into the position. Too often, people are thrown into leadership roles based on their performance with little knowledge of being an effective leader. There is a “stepping stone” dedicated to the basic things a new leader should know. The book is full of examples and actual stories to support each topic.



A book everyone who hopes to make it in the business world should read. Well written and very informative!
~ Rita Sette-Pompano ~

Your experience is so important; and the way you brought together those ideas, in a cohesive manner, certainly could be an effective strategy for anyone seeking guidance. You really speak to your target audience.
~ Chris C. ~
Director, Project Management

“Stepping Stones of Leadership” is not really a book. It is a guidebook of life, on how to be successful as a Leader.
There is a huge difference between being a Manager and Becoming a Leader.
Jim outlines the “Real Life” of becoming a manager and then ultimately becoming a leader.
A Leader has to be Trusted to actually Be a True “Leader”. Fairness, Honesty, Trustworthy is the character foundations of a True Leader.
So many factors will ultimately decide if your Leadership is Fair, Trustworthy, and Effective to achieve the best attainable results for the team you are leading.
In “Stepping Stones of Leadership” Jim will take you through a very important process.
~ M.Brown ~
Director of Sales & Marketing
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Jim, I just read the first few chapters of your book on Kindle. Very insightful and to the point. I’ve read enough books on leadership to notice a good one. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
~ Anonymous ~

I guess you can cover leadership in a book, not 1000 pages long, it was so easy to understand and so to the point that more pages are not needed. It was refreshing to know that even I was able to easily understand it and enjoy it. I believe that it will be helpful to many leaders, no matter what position they are in. Good job. I hope it sells a million. 
~ Floyd D. ~



Available on Amazon as a paperback or for a Kindle

Becoming successful is not an overnight miracle; it is a process just like learning how to walk was a process. A process is a series of events that lead to a desired outcome and here the outcome is being successful. The author will take the reader through a story of a five year old boy who wants to become a professional golfer and eventually win the Masters. See how he handles the challenges of the journey with the help of a mentor. The book is summarized at the end with principles that you, the reader, can apply to your own pathway, your process to success, blended with your passion.