Jim Zelem is an authority in leadership and management development. For over 20 years Jim has personally mentored many leaders and aspiring leaders improve their leadership capabilities.

Jim is presently retired but very active in promoting his experiences to help others aspire. He is very active in I & E clubs, inventing and promoting his inventions.  He created this blog to help others understand how the system works and learn how to become effective in leadership roles.

Jim worked his way from a simple tester at Cutler Hammer to a VP of Operations for Cengage Learning. As he moved from position to position, he continuously developed his knowledge of supervision, management, and most importantly leadership. He was responsible to develop supervisors, managers and vendor relationships.

He quickly learned that everyone is just a number and you need to protect the value of your number.

Although Jim wasn’t responsible for large groups of executives, he was responsible for the development of supervisors and managers for a team of approximately 150 employees. He quickly realized it was the team that made his leaders look good. He realized if he took care of the needs of the team through his leaders, the goals of the business were met.

Jim read many books and articles on team building and used that knowledge to learn what worked best. He used his knowledge and experience to mentor his supervisors and managers.

Additionally, Jim taught supervision at AAIM for many years. He served as the chairperson for the New Haven ASQ chapter.

Jim is an Electrical Engineer and became very proficient in both developing and revising processes in making them very efficient. He assisted others in resolving their issues. Jim’s approach was by the numbers and he let everyone understand what he was monitoring so the team always knew the expectations.

You can contact Jim via email at jim@urjustanumber.com