Glenn Krauss is an avid CDI supporter. His passion for making CDI the best can be heard throughout this podcast.He speaks to what he sees the problems to be, and his ideas for improvement.


Glenn Krauss is a well-recognized and respected subject matter expert in the revenue cycle with a specialized emphasis and focuses upon collaborating and working closely with physicians in promoting, advocating for, educating, and achieving sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care. His experiences include working with a wide variety of healthcare systems spanning the entire spectrum ranging from critical access hospitals, community hospitals, Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers to large academic medical centers and fully integrated healthcare systems. He possesses twenty-five-plus years of progressive practical hands-on experience in clinical coding and documentation improvement, subscribing to the philosophy that quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with the overall quality of care achieved and the overall achievement of a high-performing revenue cycle. Glenn has demonstrated the unique skill sets and core knowledge of principles and standards in best practices of clinical documentation, effectively and successfully driving physician engagement through proven strategies that create and foster a sustainable model for clinical documentation improvement. What sets Glenn apart in the clinical documentation improvement arena is the recognition of clinical documentation effectiveness, accuracy, completeness, and contextual consistency as fundamentally integral and intertwined with all components of the revenue cycle. He has conducted encompassing assessments of CDI programs utilizing a unique approach that embraces the concept of holistic documentation improvement that incorporates elements of complete, accurate, and consistent documentation in support of quality patient care, medical necessity, and optimal coding and reimbursement with financial and compliance integrity. Glenn is a professional speaker, sought after for speaking engagements throughout the country on a wide variety of cutting edge thought provocative clinical documentation improvement topics and subjects. Glenn has served on the ACDIS Advisory Board as well as founded the WI ACDIS Chapter, leading a highly active chapter for six years. The inspiration for the creation of a LinkedIn page titled Physician Documentation Improvement- A New Paradigm is the goal of creating a forum for sharing thought provocative ideas and concepts on all things CDI including an awareness of the opportunity to transform the profession of CDI into one that truly supports the patient and the overall healthcare delivery model.


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