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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” meaning most inventions is a need. Eha Urbsalu had a need because all the makeup she wore was causing her problems. She discovered there were too many harmful chemicals in the makeup she was wearing. The need for less harmful makeup, motivated her to create Viking Beauty Secrets. She insured her makeup brand would be eco-friendly and sustainable. She also ensured the container of the markup was eco-friendly as well. Her products have won awards and get a green light from the “Think Dirty” app.


Biography of Viking Beauty Secrets Founder Eha Urbsalu

Eha grew up in Estonia, a small country below Finland, between Sweden and Russia.  As a child, Eha spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who lived in a small island between Sweden and Estonia called Hiiumaa. The island is known for its green nature and unpopulated areas and holds one of the top spots for the cleanest air in the world.
Growing up in Northern Europe, Eha never thought about the words “organic” and “clean beauty” – it was just “normal”. She used local, natural skincare products made from plants native to the Nordic lands, full of Nordic super antioxidant berries which have been used for skincare and health benefits for centuries.
At 17, Eha became one of the winners of the Miss Estonia beauty pageant. Shortly after, she won the Supermodel of the Soviet Union title and at 18 came to the United States and was top 4 of the Supermodel of the World competition.
This started many years of modeling and acting around the globe. Eha eventually settled down in New York City and finished her bachelors in Arts from SUNY, summa cum laude.
However, throughout traveling the world, Eha became more and more aware of the chemicals that especially in America are used in our food and also in skincare products. This prompted, after years of skincare research, Eha to start her own skincare brand, Viking Beauty Secrets, using the Nordic superberries as main ingredients, with the exception of the certified organic Face Scrub, which also uses Icelandic Black Volcanic Sand to draw out the impurities, while many scrubs in the US still use plastic microbeads, which harm our fragile marine life and later humans ingest them through food sources. And with so much confusion about “green” and “clean”, Eha went one step further, and have all of the Viking Beauty Secrets products  Greenlife Ecocert COSMOS certified.
Eha and her cousin, international swim champion Merle Liivand, who is also the Director of Sustainability of Viking Beauty Secrets, are also advocates for clean oceans and clean water. Eha made sure that Viking Beauty Secrets is a sustainable skincare company, which uses only green energy when manufacturing and uses glass bottles for the creams and recycled post-consumer material for the scrub tubes, with all packaging being 100% recyclable.
Eha is also a published songwriter and has won several awards as a filmmaker. She currently lives between Estonia, Florida, and New York City.


IG: @vikingneautysecrets
FB: @Ehaurbsalu

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