Mermaid on a Mission: Saving the Oceans

Swimming Mermaid
Merle has two passions, which she demonstrates extremely well. She has a love for the water and swimming. That love for swimming in the open waters has fueled her other passion of “Saving the Oceans”. In this podcast, she will explain how some sunblocks are destroying the coral reefs and how pollution is starving the oceans of oxygen. She works closely with Viking Beauty to help eliminate these problems. She recently partnered with ZenWtr.



Merle Liivand is a national Estonian competitive swimmer, Model, aquapreneur, SWIMERA CEO, AMBASSADOR, Triathlete, International Spokesperson and open water swimmer from Tallinn, Estonia. She is known mostly as a MODERN DAY LIFE MERMAID and ICE Princess who never stops exploring a life and passion towards to WATER WORLD. She works with many successful brands like FINIS, DERMASPORT, TRISWIM, and FOGGIES. She has featured in many Swimming technical videos like, Swimspire and Usa Swimming.
From On early age she loved to be active and sportive. Her mum Jaana put her to Modelling, Talent and Dance school SEMOLEN even before she finished kindergarten. There Merle had a chance to Dance as a cheerleader to the famous basketball team KALEV and take part in many filming, theatre and art classes. Many famous Estonian actors like Hendrik Norman, Mait Malmsten, Merle Palmiste were one of the first teachers who taught and guided Merle at her early age. On the age 11 she was spotted at TOP Olympic Centre by her coach Heidi Kaasik who invited Merle to join a swim lesson. After one year under coach Kaasik she made it to top 3 on Estonian Youth Nationals on breaststroke events.
During her career she has taken many hits and successes that she loves to share with kids and adults on the TALKs around the schools, events and podcasts. On her spread time she enjoys teaching and advocating Mermaid Swimming. In 2015 she was First Estonian who made it to the tv show “Good Morning America” together with World of Swimming Mermaid School.
In 2014 she took part in the 100x 100 yards record swim on “Swim with MIKE” event. Liivand has won many International Medals during her career. She´s a 3 time Baltic Champion, 2 time Silver medallist in WORLD Ice Swimming, 2 times Florida Winter Champion, 10 km Open Water Worlds Qualifier and Rio Marathon Swimming Olympic Trial swimmer. She is a delighted philanthropist who has been leading many Ocean Clean Ups, health charity and drowning prevention events around the world.
MerleLiivand  broke her own world record by completing a 30 km Mermaid Swim in 9 hours 19 minutes on April 17th in the choppy waters of Miami Beach, Florida. It was her third consecutive record-setting swim after her initial 10 km Mermaid Swim in Redondo Beach, California in 2 hours 54 minutes in 2019 and her 6 hour 8 minute 20.6 km Mermaid Swim in South Point Park Pier in Miami in 2020.
With her passion to Sport and Swimming Mayor Dan Gelber proclaimed Merle Liivand Day on April 17th!
Past couple years Merle lives and trains in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale/ Miami .


Here is a link to her ZenWtr campaign :

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