Automation Is Necessary

The workforce dynamics are changing, which is requiring more automation. Unfortunately, automation might displace some workers, but innovation has been doing that for years. There have been significant advancements in automation over the years. Check out the Four Industrial Changes to get a better understand of how innovation has changed the world over the years. 
Automation replaces a lot of repetitive operations where critical thinking isn’t necessary such as the self-checkout aisles in a grocery store. However, a good example where both automation and critical reside is filing for unemployment. The submission of your employment claim is computerized. However, the process of being approved is based on the critical thinking of the claim specialist. They ensure you meet all the necessary criteria.



Jim Zelem is a former VP of Operations who transitioned to be an effective leader that coached many successful teams. Jim started his career as a simple factory worker who held many positions such as Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer as he worked his way up to VP.
His inquisitive nature and troubleshooting talents were instrumental in his obtaining his EE degree. He became very proficient with process improvement. It was process improvements that allowed him to get leadership buy-in and build successful teams.
Jim strongly believes that experience is a great teacher as it helped him throughout his career. He believes his experiences in leadership, teamwork, and process improvement techniques can definitely help others. Jim created a blog site “” to share these experiences and has opened the blog site for others to tell their story as well.
He firmly believes everyone has a story to tell that can help others. He launched a weekly podcast in which he interviews people dedicated to leadership, teamwork, and inner drive.
Additionally, Jim has written a book “Stepping Stones of Leadership” which lists some essential steps that he believes will guide you on becoming an effective leader. Every step is supported by stories of his own personal experiences. He is presently working on his next leadership book with more stepping stones that will detail his journey from process improvement to teambuilding.
Jim currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. He loves sports as he officiated high school football for 18 years. Jim still remains active as he volunteers for the Red Cross and the Senior Center. He enjoys walks in the woods, swimming, and golf.

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