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A tragic airplane crash happened in 2019 and the NTSB report was recently released. It was determined to be a pilot error. Since Henry Draughon is a former Naval Aviator, he is qualified to comment on the findings, which he does in this podcast. He understands the need to follow processes and the value of a checklist. He has taken that knowledge and experience to start his own process improvement business.

Dr. Zelem is a retired surgeon but remains active in the medical community. He is an advocate for improvement in hospitals, especially in the business aspect of the hospital such as revenue integrity.

Dr. Zelem and Henry will discuss how the value of processes and checklists are paramount in aviation. They both want to see that type of mindset incorporated in the medical field.




Henry Draughon is a former Naval Aviator (F4 Radar Intercept Officer) and Air Traffic Control Officer. He has a Masters in Business Administration and Communications. He has an extensive background in information technology, project, and process management.
He is currently president and owner of Process Delivery Systems, a business process optimization consulting firm. Process Delivery Systems, (PDS) helps clients identify and document their key business processes and align policies, processes, personnel, and resources for fast and effective execution.

Dr. Zelem

A Board-Certified general surgeon with more than 25 years of clinical experience, has transitioned out of clinical practice into Healthcare Executive Leadership. As a previous Vice-President, he has over 13 years of experience in compliance, utilization management/review, federal regulations, sales, account management, and many other aspects of healthcare. He has extensive experience in quality assessment and improvement, with emphasis on case management, physician and hospital executive education for a variety of topics including Medicare and Medicaid compliance and regulations, medical necessity, Recovery Audit Contractors, utilization review, denials management, and length of stay. He has attained a passion for improving physician documentation and has extensive experience in developing new and improving existing physician advisor programs. He has recently developed a revolutionary new concept utilizing a holistic approach to “Utilization Management 360”. He is now the President and Owner of Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc. offering services to evaluate, and improve many of the above aspects of healthcare. In addition, Dr. Zelem is a renowned industry author who has published many books and is a well-known motivational speaker and presents often to professional and public/patient audiences on health and wellness, personal development, and leadership and success.
John Zelem, MD, FACS
President and Owner
Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc.
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