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Process Improvement

Henry Draughon is a former Naval Aviator (F4 Radar Intercept Officer) and Air Traffic Control Officer. He has a Masters in Business Administration and Communications. He has an extensive background in information technology, project, and process management.

He is currently president and owner of Process Delivery Systems, a business process optimization consulting firm. Process Delivery Systems, (PDS) helps clients identify and document their key business processes and align policies, processes, personnel, and resources for fast and effective execution.

Here are a few of Henry’s concepts for process improvement:

  • Change focus from reactive to proactive
  • Create a digital road map to your information, which allows easier access to find the required information.
  • Touching something a 2nd time is a waste of time
  • KPIs that monitors the process and not tasks
  • Measurability creates accountability
  • Technology doesn’t fix processes; it can only automate a good process

The following is a flowchart demonstrating Accountable, Responsible, Consult, and Inform, which is one of Henry’s principles.

Process Improvement Flow




Process Delivery Systems website:



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