Following Your Dream

Following Your Dream

Andy Towle started his photography career in the Air Force, where he realized he really liked it. Regardless of all the hurdles he encountered in life, he never lost sight of his dream.  He stayed in some form of photography for his entire life. Even now, in retirement, he’s following his dream. He is constantly looking for that “once in a lifetime” picture. He has two websites where his pictures are located. The links to those sites are listed below.

The podcast with Andy is broken down into two parts. The first podcast is about Andy’s life journey in his photographic-journalist career. He will explain all the places he worked and how uneasy things can be in the newspaper industry. He is a man of his word and he is willing to stand up for what he believes in.

In the second podcast, Andy talks more about leaders, good and bad teamwork, and how personalities affect leaders and teamwork.




Andy Towle was a professional photographer for 44 years. Much of his time as a photojournalist was spent at two newspapers in Northeast, and Central  Arizona. Show Low, AZ is home to The White Mountain Independent, where Towle worked for 10 years, while Payson, AZ is home to the Payson Roundup, where he retired in 2013.

Towle’s career as a photo-journalist often combined his photo skills with his writing talent, as he wrote many feature articles about local individuals with unusual talents or unique hobbies. His profession as a writer/photographer spanned 24 years altogether. Towle had worked for several other newspapers in Wisconsin, and Minnesota before making the move to Arizona.

During the other 20 years of his career, Towle managed to transition from a commercial photographer to working as a medical photographer to a scientific photographer and then finding an opportunity to operate his own studio, specializing in portraits and weddings. Towle’s wife’s health concerns resulted in the move to Arizona, where they planted new roots in Phoenix, AZ.

Not one to settle down however, Towle moved on to more exciting pursuits and found himself back in the saddle of photo-journalism. He found his niche in small-town news, events, and local happenings in Show Low, and then Payson. Retirement did not seem that grand in a tourism state like Arizona, consequently, he realized he missed his home state of Wisconsin and moved back in 2017. Low and behold, Towle and Jim Zelem met while working part-time as Shuttle drivers for a local company and struck up a friendship. So, here we are, up to date, and writing and sometimes shooting images all over again.


Andy has two sites where he displays his photography. Although the names of the sites look similar, they are two different sites:

The first one is the zenfolio sponsored site
The WordPress sponsored site

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