Communications Is The Foundation of Leadership

Communications Teamwork
When Jamie first went into a leadership role, he thought he needed to have all the answers for his team. However, as time went on, he realized the key to effective leadership is communications. And the communications has to be both ways. Not only does he need to explain to the team the goals and the reason behind them, but he also wants his team to communicate their concerns and ideas. He understands the success of teamwork.
As Jamie looks back on his journey, he is thankful for all the opportunities that were given to him to grow. Just as he has matured, so has his leadership style. He believes leadership is a lot like parenting. You incorporate the good things that your parents did and remove the things you didn’t like about what they did. He thinks leadership is the same way. You take something from a leader you admire and try to incorporate it into your style. Likewise, you don’t adopt a trait or style that you did not like, even if it is someone you admire.


In his time in the workforce, Jamie has shown an ability to work with and to develop teams that achieve top performances.
In 1996, Jamie joined Endicott Financial in Butler, WI.  After a short time, he was tabbed by ownership to be part of the team that would open their Madison, WI office.  There Jamie worked with existing brokers and took on the task of training new brokers. Jamie went on to co-author their training manual for the onboarding of new brokers.
Next, Jamie joined Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  Jamie started as a car porter in the early 90s. He was able to work his way up to a Branch Manager. Along the way, Jamie cultivated many relationships with insurance agents and car dealerships.  It was these relationships, as well as team development, that allowed Jamie and his team to receive numerous awards from corporate. He also developed several employees that would go onto prominent roles within Enterprise, including 2 employees that would go onto becoming Area Managers.
Jamie furthered his career by joining Chase Bank as a personal banker.  There Jamie worked with the branch employees to build his customer base to be recognized as a top-performing banker.  The next step for him was to become a Branch Manager. Once again, he showed the ability to successfully assemble a strong team.  He started off at one of the smaller branches and through team development, was able to become a Branch Manager for the 2nd largest branch Chase had in Wisconsin.  Along the way, Jamie and several members of his team would receive awards from corporate for their performances.
Presently, Jamie the supervisor of the dock for the US Postal Service. He has built a successful team of veteran employees. They appreciate that he listens to them and is willing to incorporate their ideas. It is his communication skills that allowed him to excel in this position.


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