Diary Carrie ~ Advocate for Humans of Agriculture

Dairy Carrie

Dairy Carrie is a leader in both the agriculture community and women in leadership. Being a dairy farmer is only the tip of the iceberg. She’s an advocate for the agriculture community, which is very evident with the page “Humans of Agriculture” on her website. Additionally, she is a founding board member of the “Dairy Girl Network”.


Carrie Mess is a mom, advocate for agriculture, and a Wisconsin dairy farmer. She has been using social media to connect with consumers for over 10 years via her Dairy Carrie blog and branded social media platforms. She also consults with farms and small businesses to help them develop their own voice in the digital world.
Carrie is a founding board member at Dairy Girl Network
Want to know more about Carrie Mess, check out her about page: https://dairycarrie.com/about/




Diary Girl website: https://dairygirlnetwork.com/

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