Leadership From A Volunteer’s Perspective

Helping Others
Leadership is easier in a volunteer organization because the volunteers already have passion regarding the purpose of the organization. They want to help out! Yet, it still has its challenges. Brenda strongly believes adaptability is important. She compares leadership to sports in that if you want to be good you need to practice. As she puts it, there are trials and errors in leadership. 


Brenda Collins is the Executive Director of Pregnancy Helpline of Madison where she helps families in need by providing them with essential items to care for their baby. She is a dynamic and resourceful leader, with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles with a variety of organizations in the church, community, owning her own business, and through the Miss America Organization. Brenda resides in Portage with her husband and two sons. She enjoys being outdoors hiking, kayaking, disc golfing, and camping.




Pregnancy Helpline:  https://pregnancyhelpline.org/

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