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My desire to help women struggling to find independence after surviving domestic abuse is personal. I have experienced the stress, trauma, and anxiety associated with abuse. These experiences have had an enormous influence on my dedication to helping other women. I have overcome many obstacles to become the successful, confident woman I am today. I firmly believe every woman should be given opportunities to rise above their circumstances and have a safe and comfortable home for themselves and their children. My goal for Felicia‘s Donation Closet is to provide the basic necessities for women who are on a path to a new and hopeful future.


Felicia’s Donation Closet is a non-profit organization that helps women prepare themselves for society. The first step to becoming successful in the world is to have a sanctuary. Creating positive energy in the home, transfers into the world. Our mission is to create a safe space for domestic abuse survivors and helping them get a hand up in life. Having a safe home will create the confidence to overcome the challenges in life. We are currently serving Madison WI and surrounding areas.
We work tirelessly to locate and deliver much-needed items for families who are moving from the shelter into their own apartments. We partner with Shelter from the Storm Ministries to connect with families who need our support.



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