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Brian Cui is an entrepreneur in his quest to provide free information. First, it was the many Facebook groups he has started with medical coding information. Then he branched out into podcasting. Now he is researching, purchasing the equipment to provide information in the video world. What truly makes him exceptional unique is that he is willing to help others in the endeavors of podcasting.


Medical Coding Geek was created in a response to a pivotal change in Medical Coding, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. What started out as a solo tutoring opportunity has grown to be a social media brand.
Founder and Operator
Brian Cui, RHIA, CDIP is an HIM professional with more than 18 years of experience in a variety of roles in health information technology, clinical documentation improvement, adult education, and auditing. Brian holds a bachelor of science in Health Information Management from Florida International University and is credentialed as a Registered Health Information Administrator and Clinical Documentation Improvement Practitioner from the American Health Information Management Association. Brian is the Facebook group administrator of Medical Coding Geeks, RHIT & RHIA Exam Support, and the Clinical Documentation Improvement Network. In 2017 he became the creator and host of Not Elsewhere Classified, a podcast created to share stories and insights from professionals in the medical coding, HIM, and CDI community. He is an advocate for HIM professionals in the Clinical Documentation Improvement Industry. He serves as a mentor for the American Health Information Management Association.  His goal for Medical Coding Geek is simple, promoting the people who make up a medical coder. 


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