Seeing The Forest Through the Trees

Seeing the forest through the trees
There is an old saying that you can’t see the forest through the trees. This simply means if you are so entrenched in the forest surrounded by trees, you can’t see the overall forest. Makes sense. However, a visionary just might actually see the forest through the tree. 
In this podcast, Tim will share his skills and experiences in creating a successful log exporting company. Tim never saw himself as a leader. He sees himself as a take-charge type of guy. And in this podcast, you will hear that he does take charge of a situation. But he will also take into account the concerns of others. So people indirectly looked to him for his leadership.
Remember, you don’t make yourself a leader, others do!


Tim Sprink is an owner and managing partner of International Veneer & Timber (IVT), a company specializing in hardwood log procurement with export sales around the globe. Tim has worked in the forest timber industry since earning a bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Business from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 1989. His career background was with private industry wood manufacturing companies until starting his own log exporting company, IVT in 2009. Today, Tim stays engaged in a growing company with a portfolio of foreign partnerships, domestic and international wood production facilities, site locations in four U.S. states and Germany along with hardwood log procurement in a vast portion of the Eastern U.S.
The focus of IVT is to provide “wood to the world” and continues to grow and expand through the shipment of hardwood logs by container to direct manufacturers around the globe, including their partner companies in the US and Europe. Their success is driven by dedicated employees with a vast knowledge of wood science and natural wood manufacturing backgrounds in both lumber and veneer. With the great advancements in communication technology, IVT looks to be on a path of continued growth for years to come. The world’s manufacturing may be in all corners of the globe but the available wood resource here in the US leads the way in the supply chain. Recently, Tim’s son William has joined the company and the two hope to see the success and dedication of IVT carry on for future decades.


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