How Establishing Integrative Teamwork Can Drive Actionable Insights Within CDI

Integrative Teamwork

A podcast with Jennifer Foskett where she explains “Adopting a ‘Matrix Organization’ Approach to Teamwork and CDI Efforts”. In this podcast, you will learn how Jenn became an effective leader by coaching and helping others. Other team members search her out when they have issues. And the amazing thing is that she wasn’t in any supervisory role.

Jenn’s Bio

When asked what three personal values I hold most important, my response would be Kindness, Personal Growth, and Resourcefulness. These values embody what wakes me up every day and I work really hard to share these values with others that I come into contact with.

Jennifer Foskett is a Health Information management professional, speaker, and the owner of; a blog about deploying HIM experiences into business intelligence insights. She obtained her MBA in 2014 at the University of Phoenix and holds her RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) certification through AHIMA and her CPC (Certified Professional Coder) through AAPC. Jennifer has a certifiable drive and tenacity to balance her healthcare experience into actionable insights through data analytics. Her insights and experience dealing with denials in her role as a Revenue Integrity Analyst have challenged her to think of the role of HIM professional in an alternate reality. She consistently attributes her successes and experience through active collaboration and teamwork within her organization and mentorship experiences outside of the workplace. She desires for HIM professionals to look at the business of healthcare in a holistic viewpoint, because everything, no matter what you do, has an impact on the organization. Her personal hobbies include artistic activities like Quilting and Painting, as well as participating in board games and computer gaming conventions (before COVID).

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