Podcast – How Personalities Affect Leadership

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Holly Kalua explains how personalities affect both leadership and teamwork.

Holly Kalua has experienced 35 rewarding years in her nursing career. First, she solidified her clinical skills in many challenging and interesting areas. She also expanded her revenue cycle expertise over the last 20 years in leadership, appreciating the privilege to mentor and support the success of her staff.

Holly’s expertise created opportunities with larger audiences through her past radio show, “Sound Living”, her “Perspectives Podcast”, and being a guest on other podcasts and webinars. Speaking engagements include National Conferences and Corporate Leadership Facilitation. She has recently been pursuing her most passionate work through hosting a Healthcare Summit, Nursing Workshops, 1:1 Coaching of Healthcare Professionals and a Team Empowerment Facilitator as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant in DISC Personality Perspectives


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Common applications for DISC personality profiles:

  • Human Resources and hiring
  • Team building
  • Professional development
  • Leadership training
  • Sales training
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Career help and job matching
  • People skills awareness
  • Leveraging strengths in the workplace


DISC profile feedback examples:

  • Individual strengths
  • Personality traits
  • Communication style
  • Ideal work environment
  • Motivational style
  • Leadership style
  • DISC charts to show personality traits visually
  • Team interaction preferences
  • Conflict management suggestions

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