Podcast – Leadership & Teamwork

In this podcast, Joseph shares his experiences of building his leadership skills and building successful teams. He shares a story of building a successful team where the team surpassed their expectations. Prior to fostering the teamwork philosophy, this same group of people could not meet expectations.
Joseph is a thoughtful, reliable, and proactive IT Leader with over twenty years of experience leading teams, building comprehensive service models and fostering business growth. He has the ability to balance processes and people to implement innovative process improvements, optimize staffing levels, and increase resource utilization, reducing overhead and enhancing service delivery.
His years in IT have provided him with a wide range of experiences and a strong technical skillset, from hardware and infrastructure to network administration and software development.
As a leader, Joseph firmly believes in the service before self, leadership model. He sees success not in the bottom line alone, but in the individual achievements and growth of those he leads. This model has served him both professionally at every level of his career and personally in his service to local volunteer organizations.
Joseph on LinkedIn ~ https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmck/


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