What’s In It For Me?

What's in it for you

“What’s in it for me” is a core value that we all have whether we realize it or not. We do things to satisfy that craving. The reward can be either monetary or a good feeling. Even when we volunteer, we feel great warmth because we helped others. And one should. Yet, if it is felt that the efforts aren’t being appreciated, one might either slow down or possibly quit.

So, when you ask others for their help or assistance, they probably will help. It’s hard to refuse anyone that is asking for help. Yet when it becomes a continuing request for help, there has to be something they’re getting out of it. And this holds true with family. Of course, you’re going to help a family member. It’s hard to say no to family, but not impossible but you may you place it a little lower on the priority list. Heck, I’ve done it.

I am very excited about this blog site and the book I published “Stepping Stones of Leadership”. My friends and family see my enthusiasm and definitely supported me. Yet, on the other hand, they haven’t help me as much as I would’ve liked. Why? Because there’s not all that much in it for them.

I’ve had authors come and go on the blog site and I truly appreciate every one of them. Their contributions are fabulous. But, long term, they aren’t getting much out of it. There goes the incentive to be a frequent contributor. The site is fairly new and not generating any revenue, so there aren’t any monies to share. Reader comments are not forthcoming, since there is no a lot of traffic to the site yet. The perception, they are writing an article to no one. As we know, perception is reality. I get it. It’s not their website their blood, sweat, and tears. The only one with skin in the game is me.

When I first published the book, I sent emails to all my friends and relatives asking them to share it with their friends. It helped a little bit but only short-term. My brother opened my eyes as he said people do not stay engaged until they have an answer to “What’s in it for me?” People are only going to promote the book long-term if they know they’ll get something out of it. There are many books out there on leadership, why is mine any better? My marketing strategy has to explain why they should purchase my book. It is known that readers will get a lot of it, once they purchase it. For example, people just stepping into a supervisor role should read this book.

Leaders need to know how to motivate people to reach the goals of the organization. Leaders, supervise, and the company itself have to decipher what makes both the individual and team as a whole want to do their part. Showing them that there is something in it for them. When that craving is satisfied, then the employees feel appreciated. It is important to continue this process. Do not become complacent.

At one place I worked, we would occasionally have to work overtime on short notice at the end of the month especially if the company didn’t reach the monthly revenue goal. So, to entice people to stay, we bought pizzas for everyone. The staff looked forward to those pizzas on overtime days. In fact, when we asked them to stay late to help out, they would ask if we were getting pizzas.

Remember, “What’s in it for me?” or “What’s in it for them?”


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