Self Discovery

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

                                           ~ Aristotle ~

Self discovery is the first step towards knowing what you feel your potential is now and how to expand on it. It is your foundation for you to build on.

Knowing Yourself

Ask yourself the following questions

Self Discovery
Questioning One Self

      What are my unique personality traits?

      What are my core beliefs and do they serve me now?

      What is my relationship with life and also other people        in my life?

      What are my present and future goals?

      What are my talents and skills?

      What do I want in life and what am I missing?

There are NO right or wrong answers. Be honest with yourself.

My suggestion would be to start a simple journal. Write in it daily.

Make the time. You are worth it. Journaling can be very rewarding.

My Experience

What have I learned from my self discovery?

 I am a human enthusiast and  I love the human species even with its flaws. I am a self-explorer and experimenter in life and have a compulsive passion for sharing information that might help others.  I realize that positive and negative events exist in all areas of life. When I hear about a negative situation,  my mind and thoughts immediately go to “What can I/we do to shift this negative circumstance into a positive one”.  I believe that there is always a positive one. You just need to open your mind to finding one.



Here are some resources that you might find helpful and encouraging you in starting your self discovery journey.


Self discovery questions: finding yourself and your life path in 5 minutes a day.

Gerald Confienza

Available on Amazon

Ted Talk

Increase your self awareness with one simple fix

     Tausha Eurich

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