Come on, Get Up

There is a great saying: “It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times You Fall. What Matters is How Many Times You Get Up”. Life throws a lot of things your way. It could be medical, family, work, etc. And the list goes on. There are going to be a lot of struggles in life and many of them are going to try to drag you down. The difference between a winner and a loser is a winner will pick themselves up and continue. The loser starts to get dragged down and wants to call it quits.

There’s another saying for people trying to create a service or product for sale. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you just have to be right one time.” It totally makes sense but there are some people that have failed so many times, they start to give up.

What’s the Difference?

Why do some people place more emphasis on the failure or problem than what they learned? Why don’t they see anything good from either the struggle or journey? Why do they focus on the negative side of the issue instead of the positive?

I have to believe it is their mindset. Somewhere in their life, they were trained that way. Maybe they didn’t have a good mentor to help them through the tough times.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is passion. You need to develop a passion that lets you focus on the goal and not the obstacles along the way. If you focus more on the obstacles than the actual goal, then possibly the goal isn’t big enough. Do you want to see passion? Just ask a person fighting cancer. That’s passion.

             Get Up and Keep Going

Surround yourself with winners. This isn’t too easy to accomplish because there are a lot of people that want you to fail. Find other people with the same

interest. For example, if you like to invent things, join an “Inventors & Entrepreneur” organization. They are all over the place. The people in these organizations will not only support you but will offer advice and cheer you on.

Find yourself a mentor. A person that helps you through the tough times. A person in your corner who wants you to succeed. They will listen to your struggles. They will help you refocus on the goal.

Find experts to help you with your weak points. Check universities in your area for assistance. Sometimes they have interns that you can hire at a low cost to help you. For example, I hired a marketing intern to help me set up social media marketing on a product I developed.

There are other organizations that will help you. I found an organization in Wisconsin called the  “Merlin Mentors”. It consists of successful business people. People who already accomplished what you want to do. You simply have to present your project to the group and then they meet to determine if they can help you and who will be your mentors.


There are many avenues to assist you with any issue you are having. All you have to do is look for them. They are out there but might be hard to locate. However, it all starts with you. You need PASSION.

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