Where Are The Men?

This question took shape in my mind while preparing breakfast for my partner one morning. We were discussing the coronavirus (Covid-19). The lack of action by the president of the United States is a glaring example of a man not taking charge of a dire situation. Everyone in the entire world is concerned about this pandemic. Where are the men?

Due to the lack of men stepping into roles of leadership hints at their fear, and their utter lack of courage. Not so, the women. Therefore this may be the moment in history when women will turn the tide. Due to their nurturing, optimism, and practical thoughtfulness. Because we, as humans must produce a profound change and realize their astounding value.

Therefore, this is something to applaud, and encourage. Someone needs to come forward and fight this war on humanity. We need leaders with a calm, thoughtful, well-reasoned presence. Women are doing it. Women are stepping up in the vital roles of leadership. Where are the men?

Below are five examples of women who have come to the front in various fields, and have shown their mettle. They have displayed their courage and humbly lead by their accomplishments. These are all role models of leadership.

Female Leaders Turning the Tide

J.K. Rowling

Author of 13 books

Because she is an author of great renown, Rowling is also a leading political figure in Scotland. Two notable causes concern single women with children and abused partners. Rowling is also an activist in researching the cause and treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Rowling is one of the most widely read authors in the world. She is also one of the richest. Though her constant contributions to charitable causes have reduced her fortunes.

Her political stances are centered on her loyalty to Scotland, and reducing child poverty in Scotland. In 2016 she also campaigned for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union.

She continues to write novels, and over the years has received many awards and honors for her writing skills. She has received honorary degrees from several universities, many book awards, and fellowships from three societies of literature in Great Britain.

The challenges in her life, and how she has handled them remark on her resiliency, courage, creative accomplishments, and intelligence. She is a role model for all girls, young women, and older adults. She is an excellent example of a leader without promoting herself as one.

Her leadership qualities come from her belief in herself, and her ability to remain focused on doing her best at what she is best at. Where are the men?

Michelle Obama – First Lady to President Barack Obama

Her ability to inspire and, motivate others while maintaining a humble profile contribute to her leadership skills. She campaigned for her husband Barack in 2008 in a whirlwind fashion. Consequently, she attended 33 events in only eight days. It takes a person of strong character with the ability to buckle down and perform under those conditions. Furthermore, other leadership qualities she owns include compassion, self-confidence, perseverance, honesty, grace under pressure, and positive time management.

She is a lawyer, a writer, having published 30 books, and a university administrator. Each of those accomplishments by themselves is a huge achievement. Looking for a leadership model? There you go.

A Leading Woman in Sports

Serena Williams – World-famous athlete

Her record as an outstanding Grand Slam Title holding tennis player has only been surpassed by Margaret Court in the women’s category. Because Court has won 24 titles, while Williams has won 23 times. Furthermore, her dedication to tennis, her super slam style, and her size have been factors in her constant winning streaks.

Her natural talent, influence, and her concentration on the game of tennis have been marks of leadership. Serena had to bow out of competition with an injury during one of her best years in tennis during the Australian Open in 2002. Furthermore, the injury did not stop her from coming back and winning her first title of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2003.

Consistently winning is a mark of a leader. As a result, when there are setbacks in any part of life leaders do not give up. Those individuals with leadership qualities keep going while concentrating on reaching their goals. Serena Williams has shown this kind of leadership throughout her life as a tennis player.

Women Leaders in Politics

Madeleine Albright

Most famous position, Secretary of State

As her biography describes Albright began her political career with her father’s influence as a constant beacon of hope and optimism. Following his example, she received frequent, and prestigious positions up the ladder of political influence. This culminated in her being the first woman appointed as secretary of state of the United States.

How did she arrive at this position of secretary of state? Due to her hard work, studious effort, learning from her earlier experiences, and always being honest. Her tireless diplomacy also forged new relationships between sometimes wary nations. These are a few of the significant traits of leadership. Albright had them in spades.

Furthermore, her ability to speak six languages was one of her great advantages while dealing with occasionally hostile countries. She skillfully managed to hold together an American effort of humanitarian aid during the ethnic campaign against Albanian’s in Slobodan Milosovic’s Kosovo in 1999.

Nancy Pelosi – First woman Speaker of the House of Representatives (twice elected)

Leading causes in which she has been successful

1. Civil liberties and human rights, LGBT rights, Marijuana, PRISM, Removal of confederate monuments, Waterboarding.

2. Economy: with three subheadings;

Fiscal policy, Infrastructure, and Disaster relief.

3. Health Care: with three subheadings;

Affordable Care Act,  Abortion, and contraception, And other domestic concerns including the military, gun control, and impeachment.

Twice elected is a significant mention for Nancy Pelosi. In our time it should not be necessary to even write that, but there it is. Where are the men?





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