Leadership For Ourselves

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Some of us think of leadership in terms of “that’s for somebody else…not me”. It’s easy for some of us to give our leadership abilities to others without even realizing it. Leadership comes in a variety of ways.
If you are a parent, have a management position or are self-employed you are a leader in a certain way. But how are you a leader for yourself in your personal life?
Self-inventory is a good place to start. Ask your self these questions.

What do I spend most of my time doing?
Do I enjoy what I do?
What are my priorities?
What are my skills and do I use them?
Is this time spent a healthy balance of choices in life?

Being a leader for yourself and having self-awareness keeps you off the mundane treadmill of life to some degree. Taking care of yourself is not “selfish”. Its a form of self-survival. Confidence in expressing yourself as a leader is a healthy way to live and you also set an example for others to do the same.

Remember that Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal…This Is It…

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