Monthly Archives: March 2020

Is Micromanaging Really Effective?

A micromanager essentially needs to over supervisor a project or situation.  Basically, they need to stay in control of a situation. A frequent cause to micromanage is the person’s perception or fear that they lack the competence and creativity capability for their position in the overall structure of the company. But why? Is it their […]

Life Is What You Make It

Catch Phrases Solid words, solid foundation, solid catch phrase in one simple sentence. It conveys so much with so few words. It is like many catch phrases or popular sayings placed in quotes that have circulated through people’s lives for many years. Of course, new ones are added all the time. As a result, popular […]

Leadership is Like Parenting

Leadership is so similar to parenting. There are many books on both topics but there isn’t an actual manual on parenting just like there isn’t a manual on leadership. It would be great if there was because then both leadership and parenting would be so much easier. If this happens, do this. But all we […]