A Butterfly Named “Johnny”

Who is “Johnny”

I wanted to share this story about a butterfly named “Johnny” with you. It was shared with me by my good friend Rachel. Needing some work done around her house, she reached out through some type of social media and got a response from a man named “Johnny”. After meeting with him and explaining what was needed he said no problem. He came and carried out the projects without incident and did a great job. She paid him, Johnny left his contact information and departed.

The Garden

Several weeks later, as Rachel was in the garden and realized that there was a lot of new plantings she might want to do. With no real concrete design ideas, she felt a need for help. Thinking, could Johnny assist out there? Upon contacting him, he immediately replied in the affirmative and said that he would come over the next day to evaluate the situation. Johnny was prompt and on time and walked out to the garden.

Plain empty garden
Nothing There

Showing him the bare area, and after consideration, he stated that he had ideas. Leaving it in his hands, Rachel was confident as he didn’t disappoint her in the past. Johnny headed off to a lawn and garden center and came back with five gorgeous unique plantings. Leaving him to his own, he called her out to view his handiwork and she loved it! Seeing this Rachel knew there would be more to be done and told him that she would call him back when ready.

A couple of weeks went by before being ready to do more so Rachel left a message for Johnny. Almost a week went by without a reply. Therefore, she called again, and a woman answered. Not knowing who that woman was she stated that Johnny was involved in a motor vehicle crash and was seriously injured. Stunned, Rachel offered her prayers and asked to be called for updates. 

A Butterfly Named “Johnny”

Two weeks later Rachel received a phone call from this unknown woman, and was informed me that Johnny had passed from his injuries several days ago. She was devastated. He was such a kind, conscientious, hard-working, talented man. Trying to compose myself, Rachel walked out to the garden, the area where Johnny had done his best work. Standing there looking at the plants, all of a sudden, a monarch butterfly flew in and landed on one of Johnny’s plants. Rachel believed that was Johnny coming by to visit and admire his work.

Monarch Butterfly
A Butterfly named “Johnny”

It has been saidWhen a butterfly crosses your path, it means that you should embrace all changes that are about to come into your life. Also, you need to have faith in all that is coming in the future. The meaning of a butterfly that has crossed your path is in the most cases positive, so you don’t have to worry.”

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