Monthly Archives: February 2020

US Healthcare Spending: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

The topic of US Healthcare Spending has been a hot button issue for decades. Spending continues to grow, outpacing general economic growth. Are we asking the right questions about the reasons for the increase in spending? Are these higher costs actually undesirable when US healthcare consumer values are taken into consideration?

Healthcare Needs a Cure

I don’t know about you but I have heard too many times that our healthcare system is broken. Everyone has their own ideas and I would have to believe they aren’t too far off. Basically, if the system fails to meet our needs and expectations regarding both care and cost, then there has to be […]

The Sandwich Generation: Taking Care of Children and Parents

I recently read a great blog post by a nurse and patient advocate Anne Llewellyn in which she described her experience as a patient trying to mitigate potential surprise billing. Even those of us within the healthcare field can struggle to determine how much something will cost and how to shop for providers within the […]

A Butterfly Named “Johnny”

Who is “Johnny” I wanted to share this story about a butterfly named “Johnny” with you. It was shared with me by my good friend Rachel. Needing some work done around her house, she reached out through some type of social media and got a response from a man named “Johnny”. After meeting with him […]