What The Heck Is Valueship?

So, what do I mean by “Valueship”? It’s not even a word that is recognized. Every spell checking device on any computer will highlight it as an error. I guess I am credited with a new word. I’m sure when you finish this article, you too will understand the meaning of valueship.

Definition of Valueship

Since there isn’t a definition of the word, let’s start by defining “workmanship”. It is defined by Webster’s dictionary as something effected, made, or produced; the art or skill of a workman; the quality imparted to a thing in the process of making. So, let’s substitute workman with value. Then it’s defined as something effected or valued, the art or skill of value and finally, the quality imparted to a thing by its value.

Every person in this world has value. Some people know their value while others are wondering what their true value is. But you do have a value. Sometimes what you think is so common to you truly isn’t. It’s so common to you that you think others know what you know. However, that’s probably not the case. That thing that is common to you might actually be your value.

Example of Value

A highly visible example of your value is your credit score. We all have a credit score. A high or good credit score allows you more options when you are buying something. It allows you to obtain loans with a lower APR. And then on the other side, if your credit score is low, you can be turned down when buying a car. People have been refused to lease an apartment because they have a poor credit rating. In a case like that, you need a co-signer. Plus, that co-signer has to have a good credit score.

Then there are less visible values that you should be aware of. I have the unique ability to analyze processes to determine the bottleneck. It just comes naturally to me, so I thought it was common knowledge. When I taught others how to analyze a process, they had difficulty mapping everything out and determining bottlenecks. Yet they were obvious to me. It was at this time, I finally realized I had an ability that wasn’t common to others. It was a value I had.

There are a lot of computer programmers in the world. However, some programmers have the canny ability to create programs that others struggle with. Does that mean the ones that struggle are weak programmers? Or does it mean the ones that can do things others can’t are exceptional? I’ll let you decide but the great programmers bring a higher value to the table.

You Can Increase you Value

I saw a commercial the other day where a person has a poor credit rating. Yet the commercial was boasting that if you load their app and click on it, your credit rating will instantly increase. Well, I don’t know how true that commercial is but I do know you can improve your credit score. Your credit has a value and you have the ability to change it.

You can take that same concept to other values you have in your life. So, does going to more programming classes make you a better programmer? It might or might not. But it does increase your value. It shows others you are willing to better yourself. If it broadens your knowledge base, you definitely increased your value.

You have a little store that requires stocking shelves, helping customers and doing the cash register. Which person brings more value to you? A person that can only stock shelves or a person that can do all three?

Valueship Conclusion

Realize you have a value and the ability to change that value. It just takes a conscious effort on your part. I call it “VALUESHIP”.


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