Monthly Archives: December 2019

Carl Jung, Archetypes, and You

With the advent of New Age spirituality, the concept of archetypes has become increasingly popular. As people are now slowly subscribing to this notion that there is a blueprint of who you are, it certainly pays for us to discover more and unlock its meaning. Given such, in this article, we’ll be exploring the archetypes […]

Respecting Others

There are many forms of respect such as respect for your parents, country, teacher, etc. However, for the purpose of this blog post, I am referring to respect in the workplace. Lately, I have heard and seen the lack of respect for others. It even becomes more apparent of people that have others working for […]

Building A Team

Building a team is a complicated, multi-faceted, fluid process. A process is a series of steps leading to a desired result. Therefore, one must have an idea of those results, the goals, to be achieved in order to build the process.  I have once heard that if you don’t know where you are going, you will […]

Am I Damaged Goods

Have you ever felt like you are damaged goods? Or maybe you might think “Why am I so different than others?” or “Why don’t I fit in?”. I’ve thought that many times. Sometimes I even think “What’s wrong with me?” Programming the Subconscious ​Well, I’ve done a lot of research into this and realize my upbringing […]