Monthly Archives: November 2019

Why is Leadership So Hard?

​I’ve discussed leadership with quite a few people and everyone has a different spin on it. I’ve heard that people in leadership roles just need to treat people the way they want to be treated. Well, that might be true to some degree but what if a person grew up in a tough situation where […]

Realizing An Accurate Portrait

                  Accurate Assignments While earning an Associate’s Degree in photography at Milwaukee Area Technical College, one of our assignments was realizing an accurate portrait of a fellow classmate. Realizing an accurate portrait. What our instructor meant was, our interpretation of the person as we saw them, not […]

Developing Competency

Stages of Developing Competency We struggle at times in developing competency in what we do. I wanted it to become part of my daily activity. It certainly doesn’t develop overnight and most of us are probably not aware of the fact that there are stages to developing this competency. There really are four stages towards […]