Keep Moving Forward

I never truly understood the meaning of success until I failed. Getting to where I am currently, only shows that I’ve failed more times than I can remember. But that’s never stopped me from moving forward towards my goals. I remember climbing up the corporate ladder trying to make a name for myself. I remember getting fired from a job and then being unemployed for an entire year. I remember the fear of being homeless because I couldn’t pay my rent. I remember wondering when’s the next time I’d be able to eat. I remember my trials and I don’t wish hardship on anyone but, it’s necessary!

My journey started right out of high school and straight into college. I didn’t have the easiest time growing up at home. Single parent household which means a very limited income. My family had to make do with what we had. College was my opportunity to make something of myself. Unfortunately, I was easily distracted. This was the beginning of my failures. I didn’t pay attention in school. I upset many of my friends at the time. Even the small job I managed to hold onto was growing impatient with me. I was spiraling down the drain. And one day, I fell. Everything collapsed right in front of me. I was academically expelled from my college for bad grades. My friends didn’t want to speak to me anymore. I was fired from my job. My significant other and I parted ways and I officially had nothing left. I had given up and it stayed this way for 2 years! Then one day it hit me hard. I cried my eyes out because I had realized everything that had happen to me was my fault and I was responsible for the mess I created. I was 19 years old with no school, no job, no friends and no money and I had enough of that life. So I got myself up and I promised myself that I’d get myself out of this hole and be the man I knew I could be and I did.

I landed a job in a hospital at their dental clinic. The hours were long, the pay was great but the people weren’t the easiest in the world to deal with. This was the start of my career. I promised myself that I’d work harder than anyone else so I never had to be in that situation ever again. I learned everything that I needed to about my job. I made a conscious decision to put effort into what I deemed important. That’s when things started to come together! I decided to push forward, learn, and keep taking steps forward. I had to fail in order to understand that. None of this would have been possible if I didn’t understand that I was responsible for myself. If I wanted to get there, I needed to get there with my own two feet! Every day I woke up with trying to be a little bit better than the person I was yesterday. “How can I be better than yesterday?” “What can I learn today?” But the biggest question that I had for myself was, “What’s the next level?” I still ask myself these questions every single day. I’m always competing with myself trying to be a little bit better than I was a moment ago. And I feel like slowing down or I feel tired and want to take a break, I’m reminded of the hardest time in my life where I had nothing. Where there was no security in today or tomorrow. I’m reminded that it’s my choice to get to where I want to get to. Never stop moving. Never lose sight of your goals. And every time you want to take a break, just think back to your “Why.” Think to the moment you decided to move in the first place. Let that be the constant in your life that propels you forward leaps and bounds! Never forget why you decided to pursue your dreams. Take one step at a time and if you fall, get back up. Don’t stop getting up! Chase what you want with a passion and don’t let anyone tell you no. Before you know it, you’ll reach the summit of your mountain and see a sight like none other.

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