What is your Value?

When Does Value Disappear?

I want to share with you a story on value because people go through all of the challenges of any illness such as cancer, chronic disease, depression, and many others. We may get made to believe or we make ourselves feel that we don’t have any value anymore. We may not be able to do what we did before. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

The $20 Bill

The Value

Standing in front of an audience with a variety of types of people, and holding up a $20 bill, I ask them how many here would like this $20 bill? Just about everyone states they want it. I then crumple it into a little ball.

$20 Crumpled

Now, in front of the same audience, I ask the same question. How many of you still want this $20 bill? I get the same response and the same number of affirmative responses. Asking them why, the responses almost unanimous is “because it is still worth $20. I now drop it on the floor and step on it squashing it.

$20 Stepped On

Again, I ask the same question. How many of you still want this $20 bill? Would you be surprised that everyone still wanted it? Probably not, they all still wanted it, and when asked why? The universal response was “because it is still a $20 dollar bill.”

So what’s the analogy?

When we are sick, experience cancer, an illness, or other malady, we might lose our hair, lose weight, can’t do the things we used to do (we get crumpled), WE STILL HAVE VALUE. We may undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or many other treatments (it’s like getting stepped on), WE STILL HAVE VALUE. This is value to ourselves, to our family, to our friends. Just because of these external happenings, WE STILL HAVE VALUE.

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