Monthly Archives: July 2019

Florida the “Sunshine” State?

Florida is knows as the “Sunshine” state. It is uniquely positioned geographically in the southeast portion of the United States with coastline for almost 80% of its border. But, why is it called the that? Florida is called the Sunshine State because of its subtropical to tropical climate and annual average of 230 days with […]

Believe In Yourself

I believe one of the best traits a person can have is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? What you believe drives what you do, and what you do determines what you achieve. When you have a strong belief, you try harder. […]

What’s My Value Anyway

Have you ever wondered what’s my value in the world? What do I know that makes my value important to others? What do I know that makes me different than others? Some people look too deep to answer that question. They are trying to find something they have that is above average. Hopefully, this blog […]


Average as a number or place is in the middle; not the best, not the worst. Be successful and not just average. The title of this website is “you’re just a number”. I sat down this morning and tried to put some meaning to that statement and even understand what it means. How can I […]