Unite a Team

I believe sports easily displays team concepts because it shows a group of people working together for a common goal. But how do you unite a team? One of my favorite movies is “Remember the Titans”. There was a lot of controversy when the football players first goes to training camp as there was actually two different sides within the team. The problems remained until a leader rose from each side, came together and worked out their differences.They inspired the players and united a group of players into a team.

What Makes Groups Different

Have you ever noticed that a sports team doesn’t perform that well under a certain manager but if you change the manager with the same players, the team performs better? The ability of the players remains the same but the results are different. Furthermore, the players want to win the championship, so what’s different? The new manager knows how to lead different personalities and motivate the players. Yet, take the same manager and place him with  another group and he or she can not get the desired results, Is it the manager or the team? It could be a player that destroys the team unity. It could be two great players that don’t get along which carries over to the other players. Maybe the manager can’t overcome these obstacles.

Team Huddle

Then there are managers that regardless of where they go, they shine. They have a principle they adhere to and if the player doesn’t bond to these principles, changes are made. The manager just doesn’t allow destructive practices with the crew.

Another noticeably difference is the presents of a leader. Have you ever noticed that winning teams always have an emotional leader? When there isn’t an emotional leader, good teams are just that, good. Great teams have inspirational leaders.

Unite People into a Business Team

The challenges of uniting a group in the business world are similar to those in sports with an extra twist. In sports, the goal is to win the championship. What is the goal of a business that everyone can be inspired to? I believe that is determined by the type of business. Therefore I can not expand on this any further but I do want to emphasize a common goal is very important.

As in sports, the manager plays an important role. However, I need to emphasis that I am referring to a leader type of manager. There is a distinct difference between a manager and a leader. A manager has the ability to command and control their staff while a leader uses their ability to influence by inspiring and enabling through advice and counsel. Here is a great article that will help you understand the difference between a manager and leader.

This leader type of manager organizes the group, provides guidance but most importantly has the ability to understand many different types of personalities and motivate them to the goal. What might work with one individual won’t work with another. He nurtures the team with the training and knowledge to be successful. The players of the team feel respected and want to achieve the requirements.

A group of people can accomplish the same results under a manager that controls the situation but in my experience, I have always seen leaders within that group that holds things together. Here is an actual experience that happened to me that demonstrates a manager controlling the situation over a leader that tried to listen to the need of the team.

No Two Teams are the Same

Every person has a unique talent, a different upbringing, an exclusive personality and their own attitude. The same holds true for the manager and/or leader. Since there are so many variables, how can two teams be identical? Each team develops their own personality to achieve the goal but it takes work and a leader to unite a team.


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