Attitude is Everything

What do you think is easily detected by others? Is it your ability, motivation or attitude? Without a doubt it has to be your attitude. Sure your ability and motivation are very important and viewed by others but your perspective standouts most because it is the first thing seen by others . So, without a doubt, attitude is very important.

A positive approach can overcome a lot of obstacles. In fact, a person with a great mindset most likely doesn’t even see those obstacles. I believe sports has some great examples of positive character such as Jackie Robinson, Frank Robinson and Rudy. Additionally, there are people with an optimistic approach such as Ray Croc and Colonel Sanders that have built successful business. 

The Power Behind a Positive Point of View

A Positive Attitude can overcome obstacles

Let’s look at a simple example of cross training. I would be quite sure you have the ability to learn the new task, otherwise you wouldn’t have been selected. Your motivation is really your desire and willingness to take on the new task. Do you want it, need it or have the drive to do it? So motivation kind of determines what you do. If you are doing it because you have no choice then you’ll do it good enough not to cause problem. 

However, your mindset will demonstrate how well you do it. It will show how you are either thinking or feeling about the task. Your attitude will be reflected in your personal behavior. If you have a poor attitude, you will do what you have to do. However, if you have a good attitude about, you will do whatever it takes to do your best. So, which of these traits do you think others will standout? Again, without a doubt, you perspective will stand out. 

Attitude plays such an important role. It can make you achieve things that others think you can’t achieve. If you want something bad enough, no one can stop you. There are so many examples of people with a positive attitude. Colonel Sanders was penniless at age 69 before he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Look at Ray Kroc when he saw the McDonald restaurant in California. Attitude is a distinguishing characteristic that allows you to keep your eye on the goal. When you have a positive attitude, failures will only show you another way of not accomplishing the goal. These failures will only become an obstacle if you allow it.

How to interview for Someone’s Attitude

When I was in management and would interview candidates for an opening, I spent the first few minutes of the interview reviewing their abilities. But that information was already in their resume. What I was really searching for in an interview was their character. How did they handle both success and failure. Everyone has both strong and weak points. Strong attributes are important but I was more interested in knowing their weaknesses and what they were doing to overcome them. This would help me understand their character. Are they willing to do what it takes to overcome obstacles? Have you notices that when you apply for a position on the Internet, you will see that there are so many questions that aren’t really related to your ability to do the job. There are a lot more questions that pertain to your personality traits. Why is that? Because they want to know your character, patterns of thoughts, feeling and behavior. These traits imply consistency and stability.

So, if you want to increase your value in a world and not be just a number, then develop a positive attitude and do whatever is given to you. Your value will definitely increase. Take all the training you are given. Get involved in things outside of work. There are many websites that offer help in developing a positive attitude. Investigate them and find one that works for you. Then you will become a number that has a lot of value. 

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