Monthly Archives: November 2018

Think as a Free Agent

Do you believe you aren’t getting paid enough for what you do? Do you feel that you have been overlooked regarding a promotion? If you believe this is true then it’s time you shop you talents. It’s time to look around. You need to think as a free agent. No one but yourself is stopping […]

Can ‘Modern” Corporate Organizational Structures Cut Corners on Management Quality?

As a recent college graduate, I’ve noticed numerous companies which attract lots of talent and interest in my demographic that market themselves as having “unorthodox” or “modern” organizational structures. In most cases, I feel like this carries positive connotations – not being a “stereotypical office job” is a common selling point during interviews, more relaxed […]

Corporate Greed Making People Just Another Number

Many people believe that corporate greed tends to overshadow the needs of their employees. Employees feel like they are in essence just a number in the corporation. Companies are required to either generate a profit or at the minimum break even if they want to stay in business. Publicly held corporations need to demonstrate to […]