Manage the Process

How do you get lasting results?  That is a question that business leaders have been asking since the beginning of time.  Many managers chase numbers.  That can get you results, but not necessarily lasting results.  However, if you manage the process, achieving lasting results is very possible.

Let me explain what I mean when I say manage the process.  In previous management positions, and even as a personal banker, sales was an integral part of my job.  As a branch manager, both at the bank and at the rent-a-car company, the branch manager’s emphasis was coaching the sales staff.   Through reading, I became familiar with the sales process.  There are 4 steps to each sale.  The steps are 1-Rapport building, 2-Fact finding, 3-Presentation, and 4-Closing.  This is the process that I taught.  This is the process that I managed with my sales staff.  When I would role play with my sales staff, these four steps were the main focus.  Yes, it is important to have product knowledge, however, try skipping one of the four steps and watch how it all falls apart.  It is through this process that I became a national achiever at the bank, both as a personal banker and branch manager.  More importantly, I was able to develop many people that would go on to become national achiever themselves, branch managers, and area managers.

I did not make my sales staff into robots.  I encouraged them to develop their own sales style.  No two styles are the same.  However, they needed to perfect the process.  The existing sales staff had a hard time buying into this process.  They were used to a branch manager that only focused on the numbers.  One of the questions I asked them was “how do you know you are offering the right product for their situation?” They could not respond.   I encouraged them to take notes through the process.  I explained you can reference back to them when you make your presentation and closing.  I also would follow up with them as to how their sales went (topic for a future blog).  I would sit in on some of their sales and give them immediate feedback.

By managing the process you will enjoy lasting results.

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