Monthly Archives: October 2018

Expectations and Discipline

A topic that nobody loves to talk about is discipline.  Let’s face it, most people by nature don’t like confrontation.  Other than breaking up with someone, the discipline talk has to be one of the most uncomfortable conversation that one person can have with another. The reason discipline is uncomfortable for both parties is because […]

Believe in the Power of the Network

Take a close look at highly successful  people and you will notice that they have a very good network of people. Sure knowledge and experience are very important. However, the power of the network has the ability to move you along quicker. At times, knowledge and experience is secondary to the power of the network. […]

Being Late Is Just Wrong

How many of you get upset when you have a doctor’s appointment at a given time and you don’t get to see the doctor for at least a half hour after the scheduled appointment time? Then to make matters worse, they take you to an examination room half way through your wait just to wait […]

Manage the Process

How do you get lasting results?  That is a question that business leaders have been asking since the beginning of time.  Many managers chase numbers.  That can get you results, but not necessarily lasting results.  However, if you manage the process, achieving lasting results is very possible. Let me explain what I mean when I […]