Monthly Archives: September 2018

Discipline is Necessary

When either a leader or supervisor is trying to manage a successful outcome, discipline is very important. I am not talking about the standard definition where we try to control the lives of people and their time at work. I am talking about a discipline where we trained team members with consistency so they do […]

Is Information Truly Power?

Throughout my career and life, I have seen so many people tightly hold on to their information as they believe it is power. This belief escalates even more when there is either a downsizing or layoff. Many people believe if they secretly hold onto that information and are reluctant to share it, it improves their […]

Trust Your Staff

When people get promoted within a company, they seem to forget one very important fact.  They are now more dependent on others for their success or failure.  Sometimes the higher up people go on the corporate ladder, the more and more they forget what it is like to be a worker.  The higher up you […]

A Few Basic Things Every Manager Should Know

Praise in public and discipline in private.  If you do this, you will be helping the people you manage to become better employees.  You want to bolster your help, not destroy their spirit. Document everything.  You aren’t going to remember everything.  If an employee is so bad that you have to terminate them, you better […]