Monthly Archives: August 2018

Please Understand Quality is a Mindset

Throughout my time, I have heard so many comments regarding quality. Will mistakes happen? Of course, they will. However, how you accept and respond to these mistakes indicates your commitment to your quality program. The answer that puzzles me the most is when people demonstrate their willingness to accept subpar work. In addition, they lack the […]

Manage Results, Not People’s Time

Are you in a leadership role such as a supervisor or manager? Then you should spend more time managing the results you want. Manage the required expectations and less time managing people’s time.  Please realize that either meeting or exceeding the expectations makes the company more successful. I have trouble understanding how managing people’s time […]

Why Morale?

I have posted 2 previous blogs discussing morale and what can eat away at it.  However, maybe I should have started with this blog before diving into issues that can sink morale.  To me and through my experiences, morale is vital to becoming and staying an effective manager. If you looked at my profile, you […]

Manage Perceptions

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times that “Perception is Reality”. That is such a true statement and it fits all aspects of life. I’m not talking just about work. It’s everywhere! It’s at home, school, sports, office, etc. Heck, you can have courtside seats at the NCAA Tournament with Virtual Reality (VR). So, wouldn’t […]