Monthly Archives: June 2018

Good & Poor Leadership in One Example

I worked for a company that produced clocks for an automobile manufacturer, which required 1200 clocks daily with Just-In-Time deliveries. As the Business Unit Manager for all of their electronic products, I reported to the VP of Operations and HR. I believe that leadership is very important. When I was being interviewed for that position, […]

Sometimes Being Wrong is The Right Thing

Do you think the statement “Sometimes being is the right thing to do ” sounds wrong? Aren’t we taught throughout life to do things right? Well, sometimes it is good for the growth of either an individual or team to knowingly be wrong as long as the outcome is right. Defining the Problem As the […]

How You Are Viewed by Management and the Union

I’m sure you believe that an employee who is constantly causing trouble most likely will be terminated. But is that always the case? I believe it depends on how you are viewed. What value do you bring to the bigger picture? Companies do not tolerate a lot of issues with the average person. However, the […]

You’re Just a Number . . . in Youth Sports?

Looking at our description of this blog, you’ve might have noticed that we referenced professional sports on how they view athletes as just a number.  I’m sure you would not be surprised to find out that is also happens in youth sports. I can speak from experience, as it happened with my son. My son […]