You are just a number.

Our Identification Numbers

Unfortunately, we are viewed as just being a number in today’s world. But are we?? Just think, when you were born, you were given a social security number, which is your identity. Then you go to school and are given a student ID number. If you played sports, you were given a jersey that had a number. When you were old enough to join the workforce, you were assigned an employee number. Go to the hospital and you receive a bracelet that has the number they assign you. I can go on and on with how you are assigned a number throughout your life. However, the numbers I mentioned are quite visible and they really don’t have too much of a bearing on your life. These are just identification numbers. There isn’t much we can change about these numbers.

Our Value Numbers

However, on the other hand, there are additional numbers assigned to you that are secretive and potentially threatening. For example, in sports, there are first and second string teams. The first string usually makes a lot more money than a second string player. Additionally, the top players bring value to the profession that owners are willing to pay for.  You are catered to if you are exceptionally good at what you do. Unfortunately, as you grow older, your talent decreases. You become a bit slower. The value you once brought to the team is starting to decline. The owner doesn’t treat you as the elite player you once were.

So, changes have to be made. In essence, your value to the success of the team decreases. The owner will either ask you to take a salary cut to help the team or cut you.

Example of Value Numbers

Trust me, this happens in all aspects of life. I was a VP. I knew as I got older when I only had about 5 goods years left. Oh yes, it happened. The company made a business decision. The digital world was replacing microfilm. Microfilm was coming to an end. The company contracted with another company to produce any microfilm. I worked in both the digital and microfilm aspect of the company. However, I became a pawn/bargaining chip with the outsourcing of the microfilm section of the business. The contract with this new company offered me a position. I only found out later that they had to offer me that position. Additionally, they had to keep me employed for a minimum of a year. This was necessary for additional years of the contract to materialize.

Could I have changed the outcome? Yes, I believe I could have. I needed to increase my value to the company. I should have increased my knowledge and expertise regarding the digital work we did.

Help Your Value Numbers

Please realize these imaginary numbers assigned to you have value. When your value starts decreasing or worst case, not needed, more than likely you will be either let go or replaced. Yet, you have the ability to either improve your value or extend the life span of your value if you do the necessary things. Be willing to learn new processes, products, and technology. Watch how the company is shifting and be willing to shift with them. Understand the value of being a leader and not a manager. Understand what other disciplines really represent, such as HR. Become a team player and know where the team is heading so you keep pace. Yet, be careful about being a team player. You are only a good team player as long as you bring value to the team.

Blog Value

This blog will share actual true stories that demonstrate that you aren’t just a number. Hopefully, this blog will also help you learn some things that will both increase your value and make it last longer.

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